At SPS Maintenance Ltd. we install and provide all types of CCTV, access control and alarm monitoring. We offer fully inclusive and routine maintenance contracts and all types of access system cards, fobs and many other consumable items.

Upon request we can provide remote CCTV and access system monitoring around the clock.

SPS has practical experience of electronic access control, closed circuit television surveillance, intruder detection, perimeter detection, fire protection, voice evacuation systems, public address and music distribution, television distribution, retail loss prevention, inventory protection, guard patrol monitoring, and hospital nurse call systems.

The company is willing to enter competitive tenders for contracts, work in a consultancy role, supply equipment only or undertake a fully turn-key operation. SPS has undergone work for banking and financial services organisations, property management companies, property developers, police, local authorities, distillers and brewers, retailer and wholesale distributors, industrial manufacturers, hotels, casinos, oil companies, chemical manufacturers, insurance and healthcare companies, research organisations, electronics manufacturers and executive residential.

SPS are a registered installer of Paxton Door Access Systems

Data protection

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, all commercially installed systems are required to be registered.

The ‘Code of Practice’ contains 62 legally enforceable ‘Standards’ that must be met to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Commissioner includes a further 30 points of good practice, which together with the standards, are designed to build and maintain public confidence in CCTV systems and to ensure that they operate within the law.

For more information on the Data Protection Act go to

All systems installed by S.P.S Maintenance Limited are installed in accordance with the act.

Remote Video Monitoring

Remote video monitoring offers a cost and effective, reliable and proven high technology alternative to manned guarding. Flexible, tailor made solutions are available to suit the customers requirements

The service provision includes:

  • Alarm interface moniotring to BS8418 standard.
  • Fault escalation to client/maintainer/network provider
  • Live time verification and recording of events
  • Personal attack assistance
  • Remote access control
  • Camera patrols
  • Remote entry/exit control speech system
  • Remote gate/barrier control
  • Remote set/unset of system
  • Video copy of incidents
  • Fire exit monitoring 24/7
Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract with SPS Maintenance Ltd. gurantees that, in the event of a problem with your system, you can contact someone who will respond promptly to your call.

A full service of your system is carried as per british standard recommendations a year. This includes testing equipment, taking meter readings and advising on any upgrades or modifications required.

Further benefits include:

  • 24-hour, 365-day per year emergency helpline & call-out facility
  • 4-hour response call-outs
  • Reduced prices for call-outs and parts

Many insurance companies will insist that your system is covered by a maintenance contract and is services regulary. This is particulary important if your alarm system entitles you to an insurance premium discount.